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Delta 31-255x Quick Manual

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Brand: Delta

Category: Sander

Type: Manual  for Delta 31-255x

Pages: 3

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Delta 31-255x, 18-36” drum sander
1. Introduction - The Delta model 31-255x is an 18” x 36” drum sander with a two speed drive. The unit
can be fitted with an optional outboard shaft that accommodates an accessory pneumatic drum for
contour sanding. The system will provide accurate sanding for wood up to 18” wide in a single pass, or
36” wide in two passes.
2. Safety:
a) Obtain advice from the supervisor on duty if you are not familiar with the procedures used with
this equipment.
b) A dust collector must be attached to this machine.
c) This machine is designed to sand wood or wood-like products only. Sanding or grinding metal
can result in fire, injury and/or damage to the product.
d) Check the feed belt tracking periodically to prevent belt run-off.
e) Clear the sanding area and the infeed/outfeed tables of all objects prior to starting the machine.
Be sure that all tools, gauges and wrenches are removed form the work area.
f) Do not sand pieces of material that are shorter than 7” long or thinner than 1/32” thick.
g) Support all sanding work pieces with a table or additional support at table height when they
extend past the infeed/outfeed conveyor.
h) Dress properly. Do not wear loose fitting clothing, jewelry or gloves. Contain long hair. Keep
clothing away from moving parts of the machinery.
i) Prevent the workpiece from contacting the sanding belt before starting the machine.
j) Sand with the grain of the wood.
k) Disconnect the machine from the power source before installing, removing or adjusting drum
belts, conveyor belts or accessories.
l) Some wood dust is irritating and can cause respiratory problems. Wear a dust mask or filter
system if you are sensitive to wood dust.
m) Never leave the machine running unattended.
3. Operation
a) Prior to any work, inspect the drum abrasive for tears and damage. If necessary, clean with an
abrasive cleaning stick. Members abusing the machine and causing damage to the sandpaper
should pay $10 for a replacement strip (2”w x 13’-2½”).
b) Connect the dust collection system to the 4” opening in the drum cover
c) Set table height for the stock to be run as follows:
1) Using the thickness scale located next to the On-Off switch, set the table to a thickness
slightly greater than the stock to be sanded.
2) Turn on the infeed conveyor belt to a slow speed. Do not turn on the drum at this time.
3) Open the drum cover and feed the stock into the machine on the infeed conveyor.
4) Once the stock is under the drum, slowly raise the infeed table until the drum begins to
5) Remove the stock from the outfeed table and close the drum cover.
d) Turn on the drum motor using the On-Off switch located below the switch shield on the left side
of the machine. Move the switch up to the on position, and down to the off position. Normal
operating speed for the drum is 2210 surface feet per minute. This is proper for general purpose
sanding, stock removal, surfacing and rough finishing.
Note: If fine finishing is to be done on hardwoods, the drum abrasive should be changed to 120
grit, the drum speed changed to 3300sfpm and feed depths limited to no more than 0.004” (1/16
of a turn of the wheel at a time). This process should be repeated for 150 and 220 grit abrasive.