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Oki 70042301 Hardware User Manual

Download Installation instructions of Oki B4350n All in One Printer, Computer Hardware for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of Oki B4350n Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: B4350n, 70042301, 70042401, 70047601, 70049301

Oki B4350n Installation instructions - Page 1
To avoid damage by static electricity
or rough handling, keep the memory
card in its packaging until you're
ready to install it.
Note: The printer has only one slot in
which to install an optional
RAM Memory card.
1. Turn off the printer, and remove the
power cord and interface cable.
2. On the back of the printer, loosen
the access panel screw and remove
the access panel.
3. Locate the slot for the card:
To avoid damage to the RAM card,
ground yourself (touch metal) before
handling it.
4. Remove the RAM memory card
from its packaging.
5. Hold the card with the gold contact
edge down and the notched corner
1) aimed away from you.
6. Insert the card in the slot—notched
corner (
1) away from you—and
press down firmly until it snaps
into place.
The blue tab (circled) will move up
to the locked position.
7. Replace the access panel:
a. Align the tabs at the bottom of
the access panel with the slots in
the printer.
b. Swing the panel up and tighten
the screw to secure it in place.
8. Reattach interface cord and power
cable, then turn on the printer.
9. Print a MenuMap.
Models with Control Button
a. Press and release
The printer goes off line.
b. Press and hold
CONTROL for at
least 2 seconds, but no more that
5 seconds.
The MenuMap Prints.
Models with Operator Panel
a. Press
MENU one or more times
until INFO.MENU appears on
the display.
b. Press
SELECT twice.
The MenuMap Prints.
10. Check the information at the top
of the MenuMap:
The Total Memory Size should
equal the sum of the original
printer memory plus the newly
installed memory.
If it does not, repeat the above
steps and be sure the memory is in
the correct slot and is pushed in
Then reprint the MenuMap and
check the Total Memory Size
RAM Memory
Expansion Options
Installation Instructions
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