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Oki 40834406 User Manual

Download Operation & user’s manual of Oki B4300n All in One Printer, Computer Hardware for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of Oki B4300n Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: B4350n, B4400N, B4250 Series, B4300, B4200

Oki B4300n Operation & user’s manual - Page 1
Oki B4300n Operation & user’s manual - Page 2
© 2004 Oki Data Americas, Inc. 58366302
Install the Tray
1. Unpack the tray and remove the
shipping materials.
2. Turn off the printer and unplug the
power cord.
3. Remove the interface cable.
4. Note the location of the pins (1),
connector (2) and tray opening (3).
5. Pull down the printer’s manual feed
6. Lower the printer onto the auxiliary
tray, aligning the holes/plug on the
bottom of the printer on the pins/
connector on the tray. You should
feel the printer seating and locking
in place.
7. Attach the connection cable.
8. Reattach the interface cable.
9. Plug in the power cord and turn on
the printer.
10.Verify installation
Models with Operator Panel:
a. Press the Menu button one or
more times until
appears on the display.
b. Press
SELECT twice.
The MenuMap prints.
Models with Control Button:
a. Press the Control Button to take
the printer off-line.
b. Press and hold down the control
button for at least 2 seconds, but
less than 5 seconds. The
MenuMap prints.
11. Look for TRAY2 on the first page
of the MenuMap under the
MEDIA MENU listing. If it isn’t
there, check to be sure that the
connection between the printer
and Tray 2 is secure, then reprint
and recheck the MenuMap.
12. Check the MEDIA MENU
settings shown on the MenuMap
and make any needed changes for
to match the print media you will
normally use in Tray 2. (If you need
help with this, see “Operator
Panels” in your on-line User’s
Load Paper
1. Pull out the tray.
2. Position the paper guides in the
Paper Tray
Oki PN-40834406 - 500 Sheet Second Paper Tray
Installation Instructions
(continued on back)