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MF DIGITAL Cougar 6600 Quick Start Manual

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MF DIGITAL Cougar 6600 Client Quick start manual - Page 1
Cougar 6600 Quick Start Guide
Power up Cougar and the screen will read: (Figure 1)
Figure 1
The COPY button is used to choose between archive and copy functions.
Figure 2
“START/YES” response to FROM HD? = copy from a master image
that has been archived. Enter Quantity, press “START/YES” (see Fig 2)
Figure 3
The COMPARE button compares recorded discs to an image on the hard drive.
Figure 4
Figure 5
The screen with look something like this when the comparison has begun:
(Figure 5)
Upon successful completion, the compared disc(s) will be ejected.
The screen will now read: (Figure 6)
Figure 6
Refer to Owner’s Manual to review all features.
“STOP/NO” at FROM HD?, the screen will now read:
TO HD? Press “START/YES” to archive (see Fig 3)
Press “START/YES” Enter Quantity then Press “START/YES” (Figure 4)
Copy Function:
(use to copy archived image from hard drive)
see Figure 3
Archive Function:
(use to archive master disc to hard drive)