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Juniper CARE PLUS SERVICES Datasheet

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Juniper Care Plus empowers organizations to meet today’s challenges by delivering
proactive personalized services designed to maximize application reliability and avoid
incidents. This helps ensure that your network is always at optimum readiness, able to
evolve smoothly and effectively in response to the demands of your organization’s goals.
Juniper Care Plus provides enhancements over and above a standard support contract.
Do you need to lower the total cost of ownership?
Is application reliability a priority?
Are you looking for an efficient and effective skill set transfer?
Would a single point of contact for all service-related activities be perceived as
Do you have a goal to minimize network-based risk while maximizing the value of your
network investment?
If you answered yesto any or all of these questions, it is very likely that you will benefit
from Juniper Care Plus services.
Service Description
Juniper Care Plus keeps the network at optimum readiness through high touch support
(service manager), proactive automation tools to help automate and simplify the
network (Juniper Networks
Space Service Insight), and personalized services
such as training, network consulting, and account management—all mitigating risk
for organizations, providing application reliability, reducing the learning curve, and
accelerating time to value.
The prerequisite service product is Juniper Care. Having a Juniper Care contract in place
assures that the organization can take full advantage of all Juniper Care Plus features and
Product Overview
In today’s dynamic marketplace,
organizations are under constant
pressure to meet market demand
while maintaining or increasing return
on investment. IT departments are
being asked to align and deliver on the
organization’s objectives and goals
while managing scarce resources and a
flat or decreasing IT budget.
Your network and IT infrastructure
are more than just support for your
organization—they are the backbone
of your success. With a strategy
of innovation and investment
opportunities, you need a high-
performance network to meet your
long-term goals.