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HP iPAQ h1900 Quick Start

Download Quick start of HP iPAQ h1900 - Pocket PC Cell Phone, Handhelds for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of HP iPAQ h1900 - Pocket PC Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: 311324-001 - iPAQ Pocket PC H1910, h1935, h1945, iPAQ h1910, iPAQ h1915

HP iPAQ h1900 - Pocket PC Quick start - Page 1
HP iPAQ h1900 - Pocket PC Quick start - Page 2
Install the battery:
Note: The Pocket PC will not operate if the battery cover is not installed.
Insert the Companion CD:
Insert the
HP iPAQ Pocket PC Companion
CD into your personal computer
and click Start Here.
Install Microsoft Outlook:
Install Microsoft Outlook from your Companion CD onto your personal
computer, if necessary.
Note: Install Outlook if you plan to synchronize e-mail, contacts, calendar,
or tasks on your personal computer with your Pocket PC.
Install ActiveSync 3.7 (or greater):
Click to install the latest version of ActiveSync from your Companion CD and
follow the instructions.
Charge the unit:
Note: Unit must be fully charged before synchronizing with your computer.
The amber light is solid when the battery is fully charged.
Set up:
With the unit on, follow the on-screen instructions.
Connect Pocket PC to personal computer:
Insert the AC Adapter plug into an electrical outlet. Connect the AC
connector to the USB synchronization cable. Then, connect the USB
synchronization cable to the Pocket PC. Finally, connect the USB
synchronization cable to the USB port on your personal computer.
Establish a partnership:
Follow the on-screen ActiveSync instructions to establish a connection
between your Pocket PC and your personal computer.
Remove battery cover Insert battery Replace battery cover
Disconnect Pocket PC from AC Adapter:
Important: Do not reconnect the Pocket PC to the USB synchronization cable
until ActiveSync requests it. ActiveSync must be installed before establishing a
partnership with your PC.
Today Screen
When you turn on your HP iPAQ Pocket PC for the first time each day (or after
4 hours of inactivity), you see the Today screen. You can also display it by
tapping and then Today. On the Today screen, you can see at a glance
important information for the day.
Tap to change date and time.
Your day at a glance.
Tap to switch
to a program.
Tap to change volume or mute all sounds.
Tap to create a new item.
Tap to view connection status.
Bluetooth power on/off.
(Bluetooth models only)
Tap to set ISP or work connections.
Note: See the User’s Guide on the iPAQ Pocket PC Companion CD for information on
using Bluetooth Wireless Technology.