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HP 30b Manual

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Brand: HP

Category: Calculator

Type: Brochure for HP HP 30b

Pages: 4

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The HP 30b Business Professional
Gene Wright
What is it? The HP 30b is Hewlett Packard’s new mid-range financial calculator. This
machine is a very welcome addition to HP’s financial calculator line. The HP 30b comes
with a very small printed manual, which certainly seems to be the continuing trend. A
larger PDF manual is available online as well as 40 learning modules that go into greater
detail on how to use the HP 30b. This review will focus on the new features found on the
HP 30b and differences between it and the HP 20b.
Physical differences. First off, the HP 30b uses rotate and click keys. This is a welcome
improvement over the HP 20b keys, which many found to be inadequate. While the
author never had any real problems with the HP 20b keys, it certainly is nice to have a
good click when pressing a key. Secondly, the HP 30b comes with a metallic-looking
faceplate compared to the shiny black faceplate on the HP 20b. The accompanying
picture on the HPCC website does not quite do the real color justice – the real calculator
color is more bronze/copper than pure silver as the picture would suggest. The back of
the HP 30b is the same black plastic as on the HP 20b. The HP 30b comes with a slip
case to protect it.