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HP 800 Series Specification Sheet

Download Specification sheet of Dell DeskJet 300 series All in One Printer, Calculator for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of Dell DeskJet 300 series Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: DeskJet 300 series, DeskJet 400, PSC 500, DeskJet 800, LaserJet 1000 series

Dell DeskJet 300 series Specification sheet - Page 1
5980-5625 EEE
100% cotton fibre offers crisp line drawings, sharp text and dense black areas. 20lb weight provides excellent
handling and durability.
target customer application user needs
CAD, AEC, GIS final plots for archiving crisp lines for monochrome
and reproduction and colour line drawings
durable for high-volume reprints
product specifications
weight 75 g/m
thickness/calliper N/A
smoothness N/A
whiteness N/A
brightness N/A
opacity 72%
gloss level N/A
country of origin United States
environmental specifications
operating temperature 15˚ - 30˚C
operating humidity 20% - 80% RH
waterfastness N/A
lightfastness Delta E < 25 (office)
Delta E < 10 (file) black only
dry time 2 minutes
shelf Life one year
compatiblity guide
supported printers supported ink system/cartridge front panel media selection
hp designjet 1050c/1055cm hp no. 8 ink supplies Vellum
hp designjet 800/800ps hp no. 1, [!! & [*@ink supplies Vellum
hp designjet 750c/plus/755cm black hp 51645a Vellum
colour hp 51644c/m/y
hp designjet 700 black hp 51645a Vellum
hp designjet 650c/650c/ps black hp 51640a
hp designjet 600 black hp 51626a
hp designjet 500/500ps hp no. 1, [!! & [*@ink supplies Vellum
hp designjet 488ca/450c*/455ca*/350c* black hp 51640a Paper
colour hp 51644c/m/y
hp designjet 430*/330* black hp 51640a Paper
* Compatible with roll-feed option only.
ordering information
product number size UPC code
hp c3862a 24" x 150'/610 mm x 45.7 m 0 88698 07675 0
hp c3861a 36" x 150'/914 mm x 45.7 m 0 88698 07674 3
hp vellum
hp designjet
1000, 800, 700,
600, 500,
400 & 300
series printers