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Hewlett-Packard 50g Data Sheet

Download Datasheet of HP 50G Calculator for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com.

Brand: HP

Category: Calculator

Type: Datasheet for HP 50G

Pages: 3 (0.58 Mb)

Download HP 50G Datasheet

HP 50G Datasheet - Page 1
HP 50G Datasheet - Page 2
HP 50G Datasheet - Page 3
Data sheet
HP 50g Graphing Calculator
Get a powerful and exible
calculator designed for math,
science and engineering
professionals with an SD card
USB, Infrared (IrDA),
serial connectivity
and more.
Powerful graphing calculator
You’ll get a large high-contrast screen, useful SD card slot and a built-in intelligent editor.
Format your SD card right in the calculator’s versatile SD card slot and expand memory or
transfer data
Isolate and evaluate sub-expressions using the intelligent editor—plus cut, paste and copy objects
View calculations on the large 131 x 80 pixels, high-contrast display with adjustable type size
Professional power that’s easy
Tackle problems with condence and work more eiciently with a large equation library, over
2300 built-in functions and the advanced Computer Algebra System (CAS).
Large equation library and over 2300 built-in functionsideal for professionals and students
Easily perform complex arithmetic and calculus functions with advanced Computer Algebra
System (CAS)
Type and store an equation then use it to solve any variable using HP Solve
Calculate advanced expressions and view solutions in 2- or 3D graphical representation
Performance you demand
Customize the 50g to your work style with a variety of data entry modes, re-denable HP
keypad and adjustable font types and sizes. Share data with PCs and other HP 50g calculators
with upgraded connectivity.
Choose RPN
, Textbook and algebraic entry-system logic and customize font sizes and styles
Versatile connectivity with USB, serial and infrared ports
Reduce keying errors and improve accuracy with unique HP click-and-rotate keys
HP quality and support
Have condence that every time you turn on your HP calculator, every calculation you make,
results in dependable, worry-free performance and accurate results.
Rely on HP quality and award-wining support— online and by phone
Get the most from your calculator, visit hp.com/calculators for downloads, tutorials and more
SD card slot for expanded memory and data transfer
Communicate wirelessly through IrDA port