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Taylor 805 Brochure

Download Features of Taylor 801 Thermometer for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of Taylor 801 Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: 802, 805, 806, 807, 815

Brand: Taylor

Category: Thermometer

Type: Features

Model: Taylor 801 , Taylor 802 , Taylor 804 , Taylor 805 , Taylor 806 , Taylor 807 , Taylor 808 , Taylor 815

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801 Instant Read Thermometer
Temp range from 0°F to220°F
Glow in the dark dial makes it easy to read at night
Safe-T-Guard™ antimicrobial calibration wrench doubles
as protective case
Stainless steel 5” stem and 1 3/4” dial
Shatterproof plastic lens
802 Meat Thermometer
Temp range from 120°F to 210°F
Glow in the dark dial makes it easy to read at night
Stainless steel 4” stem and 2 7/8” dial
Preparation scale for various meats with adjustable
temperature minder
Dishwasher safe
804 Deep Fry Thermometer
Temp range from 50° to 550°F
Glow in the dark dial makes it easy to read at night
Durable, extra long 11 1/2” stainless steel stem
and 1 3/4” dial
Adjustable pan/kettle clip and temperature indicator
Preparation scales for various deep fried items
Dishwasher safe
805 Grill Thermometer
Temp range from 100°F-500°F
Accurately measures the surface temperature of your grill
Large 2” dial won’t fall through standard grill grates
Durable all stainless steel construction
Easy to set and remove from any grill surface
Magnet attaches directly to grill surface