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Eizo Raptor 4000-LR Specification Sheet

Download Specification sheet of Eizo LD620C Computer Hardware, Other for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of Eizo LD620C Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: LD620C, LD625C, Raptor 4000-LR, Raptor 4000e-LR

Brand: Eizo

Category: Computer Hardware , Other

Type: Specification sheet

Model: Eizo LD620C , Eizo LD625C , Eizo Raptor 4000-LR , Eizo Raptor 4000e-LR

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Graphics Boards
he Raptor 4000-LR and 4000e-LR
graphics boards were entirely designed
in-house specically for ATC tower, military,
vessel traffic control and other command and
control applications. They offer highly config-
urable multi-mode standard resolutions where
2K × 2K displays are not required.
long-term technical support
Multi-Monitor and Multi Resolution Support
The Raptor 4000-LR and 4000e-LR support up to
two monitors with two DVI outputs. Both heads
support digital monitors and the outer head also
drives analog monitors. The maximum resolution
is 1920 × 1200 on either head. The cards support
DDC/EDID and either head automatically config-
ures to the native resolution of DDC compatible
monitors. Resolutions can also be set through simple
software conguration changes. The drivers are easy
to install and the product is readily adapted to your
changing needs.
Maximum Performance and Flexibility
With 128 MB of on-board memory and an efficient
memory manager, the boards offer excellent draw-
ing performance and optimal pixmap management
with minimum host CPU usage. These products offer
maximum flexibility supporting more video modes
than any other graphics boards currently on the mar-
ket. Layering is available through several methods
including an 8+8 video mode and MOX (Multiple
Overlay eXtension) modes. In addition, traditional
video modes such as 8 bit, 24 bit and 8+24 are avail-
able and selection is easily achieved through software
Longest Product Life in its Class
While most vendors’ products are only available for
one or two years, Tech Source guarantees Raptor
4000-LR and 4000e-LR availability for at least five
years, and support for at least ten years. For system
integrators, OEMs and ATC centers, this means sig-
nicant savings on development costs by reducing the
frequency of conguration re-testing that is necessary
when replacing old cards with new ones.