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EAW MK2396i Specifications

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Brand: EAW

Category: Speakers

Type: Specifications for EAW MK2396i

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See NOTES TABULAR DATA for details
Transducer Loading
LF 1× 12 in cone Vented
HF 1× 1.4 in exit, 3 in voice coil Horn-loaded
compression driver
Operating Mode:
Amplifier Channels External Signal Processing
Single-amp LF/HF High pass filter
Bi-amp LF,HF DSP w/2-way filters
Operating Range: 65 Hz to 20 kHz
Nominal Beamwidth: (rotatable)
Horz 90°
Vert 60°
Axial Sensitivity (whole space SPL):
LF/HF 94 dB 65 Hz to 20 kHz
LF 97 dB 65 Hz to 1400 Hz
HF 104 dB 1200 Hz to 20 kHz
Input Impedance (ohms):
Nominal Minimum
LF/HF 8 7.3 @ 180 Hz
LF 8 6.9 @ 290 Hz
HF 8 7.3 @ 6800 Hz
High Pass Filter: High Pass =>60 Hz, 12 dB/octave Butterworth
Accelerated Life Test:
LF/HF 69.3 V 600 W @ 8 ohm
LF 69.3 V 600 W @ 8 ohm
HF 34.6 V 150 W @ 8 ohm
Calculated Axial Output Limit (whole space SPL):
Average Peak
LF/HF 122 dB 128 dB
LF 125 dB 131 dB
HF 126 dB 132 dB
Description Part Number
EAW MK2396i 2-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker Black 2039724
EAW MK2396i 2-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker White 2039731
EAW MK2396i 2-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker Black-WP 2039737
Optional Accessories
EAW ACC Eye Bolt 0.375-16 X 1.25 in [ACC-EB3825] 104001
EAW U-Bracket MK2(5)000 Black [UBKT2353 0007869
EAW U-Bracket MK2(5)000 White [UBKT2353 0015076
EAW Flybar SBK-MK23 VFS-VFR129 Black [FB2VSK] 2038319
• Premium Performance
• Application Flexibility
The MK2300i Series of 2-way, high output, trapezoidal loudspeaker systems
are designed as main PA elements for smaller venues, including small houses
of worship and auditoriums/theaters, corporate A/V systems, hotel ballrooms
and meeting rooms. The Series is also excellent for distributed or ll purposes
in larger venues, including large houses of worship and auditoriums/theaters,
arenas, stadiums, nightclubs, and themed-entertainment complexes.
To meet the design goals for the intended applications, EAW engineers
developed a new, high performance, 3-inch voice coil, 1.4-in exit compression
driver, loading it with a selection of six dierent HF horns with coverage
patterns ranging from 60° x 45° to 120° x 60°. The horns are as large as the
enclosure size allows to maintain consistent directivity throughout the HF
passband. A 3-inch voice coil, 12-inch LF driver was used to complement the
sonic character and output of the HF driver. All MK2300i models are carefully
voiced to sound similar, permitting diverse horn patterns to be mixed
throughout an installation while maintaining the same sonic quality. The
result is clean, high-delity output at signicantly higher levels than would
be expected from loudspeakers of this size and price.
Users can select between single-amp and bi-amp (external processor)
operating modes. In either operating mode, EAWs beamwidth-matching
crossover/lter design delivers even power response throughout the
crossover region, eliminating the discontinuities that plague other two-way
The MK2300i Series systems are the smaller companions to the MK5300i
Series systems. Enclosures for both series are the same height, facilitating
installation where more than one horn pattern and/or type of loudspeaker
capability is needed. In addition, SBK Series subwoofers also share this height,
creating attractive arrays that use EAWs precongured accessory ybar. Six
Year Warranty.
MK2396i Specifications
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June 2012Part Number: RD0704 Rev A00EAW products are continually improved. All specications are therefore subject to change without notice.