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Dell PowerConnect W-Airwave Configuration

Download Configuration of Dell PowerConnect W-Airwave Switch for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com.

Brand: Dell

Category: Switch

Type: Configuration for Dell PowerConnect W-Airwave

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Download Dell PowerConnect W-Airwave Configuration

Dell PowerConnect W-Airwave Configuration - Page 1
Dell PowerConnect W-Airwave Wireless Management Suite Wired Infrastructure Compatibility Matrix
Dell HP Netgear SuperMicro Generic Universal
Switch Switch Switch Switch
General Monitoring
System Name & Description n n n n n n n n
System Location n n n n n n n n
System Contact n n n n n n n n
System Uptime n n n n n n n n
Serial Number n n n n n n n n
CPU Utilization q n n n n n q q
Memory Utilization q n n n n n q q
ICMP Ping Status Checking n n n n n n n n
Chassis / Blade Comprehension q n q q q q q q
Configuration Support
Template Configuration q n n q q q q q
Firmware Ugrades q q q q q q
- -
Protocol q
- - -
- -
Interface Monitoring
Name n n n n n n n q
Description n n n n n n n q
CDP Discovery - other devices n n n n n n n q
CDP Neighbor n n n n n n n q
CDP Power Output q n n q q q q q
Link Status (up/down) n n n n n n n q
Link Speed (10, 100, 1000) n n n n n n n q
Bandwidth (in, out, and max) n n n n n n n q
802.1 Counters (CRC, Retries) q n n q q q q q
Rogue Port Disablement q q q q q q q q
ARP - OUI q n n n n n n n
Bridge Forwarding - MAC to IP q n n n n n n n
Discovery (how can device be discovered)
CDP Discovery q n n n n n q q
SNMP Scanning q n n n n n q q
HTTP Scanning q q q q q q q q
NOTE: - indicates that the feature is not supported on
device or not supported by W-AirWave Wireless Management
W-Airwave Wireless Management Suite
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