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Dell PowerEdge 1750 Data Sheet

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Brand: Dell

Category: Server

Type: Datasheet for Dell PowerEdge 1750

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Dell PowerEdge
1750 Server
In a rack-dense 1U form factor,
the Dell
1750 server delivers
exceptional dual processor performance,
high availability, and easy manageability
for edge-of-network, infrastructure,
and high performance computer cluster
(HPCC) environments.
Exceptional Performance
With up to 3.2GHz dual Intel
processors supporting Hyper-Threading Technology and up to 8GB DDR
SDRAM, the general-purpose Dell PowerEdge 1750 server provides exceptional performance. Hyper-threading
technology enables one physical processor to appear as two logical processors allowing multiple tasks to run
simultaneously in certain application environments for increased performance and response times, while Dell’s
implementation of the ServerWorks
GCLE chipset supports five peer PCI buses for maximum I/O throughput.
The embedded dual channel Ultra 320 SCSI controller provides a high-speed 320MB/s interface between the I/O
bus and hard drives. And 133MHz PCI-X slots on separate PCI buses further increases I/O performance. The
PowerEdge 1750 also provides front accessible Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) ports on the front of the chassis
for easy accessibility.
Designed for configuration and application flexibility in a 1U form factor, the server is ideal for infrastructure uses
such as domain controllers, directory services, DNS, DHCP, and File/Print. It is also a perfect choice for
Edge-of-Network applications such as Web server, caching and load balancing, as well as high performance
computing clusters (HPCC), server based computing and collaborative or messaging solutions. And the PowerEdge
1750 is priced to give you this rich set of features at an incredible value.
High Availability
Having your server up and running continuously is a critical factor to success in any organization. The PowerEdge
1750 server addresses high availability requirements with optional hot-plug redundant power. The server also
features optional dual channel RAID on the motherboard (ROMB) with battery-backed cache that enables support
for up to three hot-plug SCSI hard drives. The battery-backed cache allows data to be written to a disk in the event
of a power loss. This RAID implementation features a high performance I/O processor based on Intel
technology for fast data throughput and also supports external storage.
Flexible Expandability
The PowerEdge 1750 server is built to grow as your needs do. It is scalable up to 8GB of 266MHz DDR SDRAM
enabling you to increase server memory as your application demands increase. With up to three one-inch U320
SCSI hard drives, the server allows as much as 438GB of internal drive capacity. Two 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X slots
allows you to expand system functionality by adding PCI cards.
Easy Manageability
Robust management features make the PowerEdge 1750 server simple to operate. The system supports an
Embedded Remote Access option (ERA/O) that provides remote management so you can easily manage remote
servers from a centralized location. Dell OpenManage
Server Administrator, Dell OpenManage IT Assistant and
Dell Server Assistant tools help you easily deploy, update and manage your systems.
The rich feature set of the Dell PowerEdge 1750 server offers edge-of-network, infrastructure, server-based
computing and high performance compute cluster environments a high performance, highly available and
manageable server in a rack-dense 1U form factor.
Visit www.dell.com for more information.
Exceptional performance. Easy as
PowerEdge 1750